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If you've visited my site before, you'll notice that things are looking a little bit different around here. So what's going on? I've redone my website for a couple reasons and I'm excited to share with you what it means for you :)

I've switched platforms (I won't drag on about that here, but catching up on the e-commerce learning curve). With the switch, my life becomes MUCH easier. Fulfilling orders has been streamlined, organization is easier and a lot of the nitty gritty details have now been automated. This will free up so many hours I put into things that were huge sucks on my time. 

So what does that mean for you? Faster replies from me, better customer service,  more time to come up with new ideas and to bring you new products. I'm super excited about it, and hope you are too! Thank you for your patience as we go through these growing pains and more great things to come!



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  • Amy

    nervous about ordering a t-shirt since there’s no exchanges! I about 125 lbs 5"2. Should I order a medium or large t-shirt?

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