Choosing Brand Ambassadors

I like transparency and a peak behind the curtain every once in a while, so I'm here to offer you guys that with the way we went about choosing our brand ambassadors. As a company, I like to be honest and open and have no problem sharing with you the process that we went through. 

First, I personally read each and every email that was sent over. It took literally weeks to do, but for everyone who took the time to write in, I felt you deserved my full attention on reading what you submitted. I respect and am thankful for everyone who participated and you all deserved to have your stories read. 

That was the easy part ;) So from there we narrowed down the top candidates. This part is harder to define because it wasn't based on social media followers (in fact this wasn't even a factor in our decision making process yet). Making it to the next round was solely based on what your answers to the questions were. Some of you were funny, some serious, all filled with passion! We took the nearly 700 applicants and narrowed it down to about 250. 

From here it got even more difficult. From stories of hardship and joy, running for your family members or as your "me" time, so many stories that tugged at my heart strings. Again, we narrowed it down from 250 to about 125, mostly looking at the written portions of the application, with an occasional peak at social media and blogs. From the 125 it was insanely difficult to then pick the top 30. New runners and lifelong runners, fast or slow, old or young, the main thing everyone had in common was their passion for both running and life! 

It was so hard to choose, so many of you were deserving of the title! For those not chosen, please don't be discouraged. It was a tough field of candidates and we are hoping to open up more options to more people as we grow. SMDS is a very small company, and we're growing very fast! So take the time to check out our list of Ambassadors, follow their journey, and be sure to apply again! We wouldn't be where we are today without all of you and can't say thank you enough!



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