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How we hand dye our tie-dye shirts

How we hand dye our tie-dye shirts
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All our tie-dye is hand done creating one of a kind, unique pieces that are made with love and care. 

Step 1
Each shirt is prepped with soda ash soak. 

Step 2
Shirts are rung out and wrapped up in preparation of dying

Tie-Dye Movie (under 30)

Step 3
After testing the correct colors, ratios and style, each shirt is hand dyed and wrapped up to set.

Step 4
Shirts are rinsed and laundered 

Step 5
Each shirt is folded, packaged and sent off to it's new home 

Tie-Dye episode 2


How to Care for you tie-dye piece:
1. The first time you launder your tie-dye piece, wash alone with cold water. Tumble on low or lay flat to dry.
2. To keep your shirt from fading, wash on gentle cycle each time you launder. 



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