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Nail Wrap Tutorial

Nail Wrap Tutorial
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Tips & Tricks to putting on your nail wraps, and how to keep them lasting and looking great!


  • Clean nails (wash hands or use an alcohol swab), file and smooth as necessary.
  • Choose the nail strip with an appropriate size.
  • Remove the transparent protective layer and raise the nail sticker by holding the silver strip.
  • Place the rounded side at the nail base, sticky side down. Firmly smooth the nail surface until wrinkle free. 
  • Remove the excess nail strip buy folding nail sticker over the edge of the nail and filing to remove. 
  • Add clear top coat.



  • Don't forget to remove the top plastic cover.
  • When choosing a nail wrap - you want a wraps that's slightly smaller than your nail bed. Avoid having them touch your skin and it will prevent any lifting or peeling. 
  • Do not apply too close to the cuticle.
  • Apply a top coat, making sure to get the edges of the nail wraps. This will help seal the edges and keep the nail wraps protected and extend the length of their stay. 
  • Avoid soaking nails for up to 5 hours after application (hot water like showering, dishes, etc. may effect the adhesiveness of the nail wraps if submerged too soon after application). 
  • Store nail wraps out of sunlight in a cool place. 

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  • Mollie Millington: June 28, 2021

    Does the nail have to be bare or can I put on a gel? How do you remove the wrap?

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