Our first expo: The Runner's World Classic!

We successfully attended our first race expo last weekend at the Runner's World Classic! A big thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth, said hi, met my little monster and my husband and were there to support us. Also to Runner's World for putting on such a wonderful event. Even though it was extremely hot, kudos to everyone who showed up and ran. I had so much fun talking to you all and loved every minute, yes, even the 4:30 am alarm!

We put a lot of work into our first expo. Including ordering our first large inventory of running apparel, working hard with our local printer to get things right, I personally test ran in each garment, figuring out how to attach tags to everything (thanks google), sorting out the display, the list goes on. But all the extra work was worth it! Not only because we sold some goodies, but more so because it was nice to talk face to face with everyone. In a world of social media friends and internet connections, nothing beats looking someone in the eye and having a good conversation... especially when it revolves around your passions. 

So we will be back next year, and look for us at our next planned expo event: the Runner's World Half! Hoping to spread out to more soon, and will keep you all up to date on our plans. 

Runner's World Classic Expo Booth



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