Runner Nails - Nail Wrap Application

Steps to get your runner manicure to stay on and look it's best!

  1. Clean your nails
  2. Find the best wrap that fits your nail.
    Tip: it's best to have the wraps be slightly smaller than your nail, larger wraps will lead to buckling and peeling
  3. Remove the nail wrap from package, taking care not to touch the back of the part you will be adhering to nail
  4. Place the edge against your cuticle, smoothing the wrap down around the nail towards the tip
  5. Wrap the excess nail wrap over the tip of your finger
  6. File off excess
    Tip: filing from underneath the nail is best
  7. Repeat on all nails
  8. Apply clear top coat, making sure to secure edges and tip of nail

Faster than a real manicure and will stay on longer, because we know your time is precious (now get back to training!)

Boston Marathon Runner Nail Wrap Manicure



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