SMDS Brand Ambassador Questionaire

Since I asked you guys to answer these questions to apply, I figured it would only be fair if I did the same... So here are my application questions for you all to read :)


FULL NAME: Sarah FitzPatrick Clancy (Marie is my middle name, but I go by just "Sarah")

SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: Outside of my SMDS ones, you can find me at the following
Twitter - @MissFitzNYC
Instagram - @MissFitzNYC
(confession, I no longer am a "Miss", I no longer am a "Fitz" and I no longer live in NYC... so basically my whole life is a lie)


Like most of you, this question has many answers. But it boils down to the fact that running makes me feel most like me! It’s really hard to be anything but who you are at your core after you’ve put all your effort into a run. When you’ve left your soul out on the road, you’re stripped of life’s stress, of nagging thoughts, of your daily worries, and what’s left is you. Just you. I LOVE this feeling. Running is such a basic, simple act but has the most profound effect on me and this is what motivates, inspires and keeps me running!

You know, plus being healthy, a roll model for my kid, blah blah blah ;)



Well, this one doesn’t really apply… But I hope you guys want to be ambassadors because you like what I’m doing. I try really hard to bring thoughtful designs to the running community. Work hard to keep my customers happy. Spend hours perfecting designs and products and I want you to be excited and share my passion, not only for the community of runners we are part of, but for the brand I’m trying hard to build.



There was a time I couldn’t run, long story short, I was pushed down in a 5k and suffered an injury that left me side lined. I’ve never had an injury like this before. I couldn’t run. All those years I took running for granted and now I was left yearning for the chance to get back out there. A classic case of not knowing what you have till it’s gone. After putting in the time to heal my knee, I knew I would never take it for granted again. I dove back into my running and racing with a new passion that I hadn’t known in a long time. My knee still bothers me sometimes, but it’s a reminder that things can be taken away and until that day comes, when I can’t run, I will soak up every moment and never take it for granted again!


  • Crystal Renaud

    Thank you! I think this post was a great idea and a peak into who you are. It’s a wonderful thing that running brings us all together like this. You are doing great stuff and I can’t wait to see what else you come up with!

  • Cynthia Martinez

    Thanks for sharing with us Sarah! :-)

  • Karena

    Glad you posted this! I feel a lot of your personality in your writing. Awesome!

  • Brittney

    So cool! Wish I had known about this before it closed, I bet you would have liked my application :)

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