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Social Distancing Support

Social Distancing Support
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Hi Everyone!

We know we're all doing our best to make it through this together and as a small business, I know the hardships that others are going through. In the spirit of community, I've put together a list of a few ways to help out other small businesses, nothing that involve buying anything (of course you're welcome to do so! Every little bit helps in times like this)... Hoping you'll all enjoy! 
Feeling alone and longing to be part of the community? 
Best running podcasts
Podcasts are the way to go. Below is a list of some great ones to catch up on, also is a link to their newsletter sign up, listen, join in and be part of the community:
Running for Real by Tina Muir 
I'll Have Another by Lindsey
Running this work by Nicole DeBoom
Keeping-Track Nicole by Alysia Montano, Molly Huddle, Roisin McGettigan
Ali on the run 

Your spring race is cancelled? Now what... Runner
Don't think of it as missing out on your race, think of it as having more time to perfect your fitness! Need to get better, faster, smarter when you run, follow along with these amazing coaches (or hire one if you need) and be ready when your race date is rescheduled:
And if a little retail therapy is your way to cope
There's nothing like a package at your front door to cheer up your quarantine, check out these other woman led small businesses. We recommend supporting them in any way you can. If it's a purchase, great, if it's a share, a follow or a newsletter sign up, that helps too! 
You are all an amazing community and we're here to support in any way we can. Buying things from small businesses isn't the only way to support them. Show them some love, share your favorites with friends and family, a like, a follow, a newsletter sign up, let them know you're here and rooting for them to succeed. 
Comment below on any podcasts, coaches/runs or companies we can add to our lists! 
And of course a huge thank you to all those out there working so hard to keep us safe, taking care of those who are sick, for the nurses, doctors, law enforcement, those in all the essential businesses we take for granted any other day (looking at you checkout line super hero!). As a small business here, we know how hard everyone out there is working to keep our economy going, big virtual, socially distance acceptable, hugs! 
Sending lots of love your way.


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