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Tie-Dye Joggers

Tie-Dye Joggers - Sarah Marie Design Studio
Tie-Dye Joggers - Sarah Marie Design Studio
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Because everyone needs the comfiest pair of pants to go over those hard working legs! These will be your new fav pants to wear, literally, all day every day. Made from super soft fleece fabric, with side pockets to store your candy in, an elastic waste and ribbed cuff ankles, all the things to make these pants perfection...

Tie-dyed treatment is done by hand in the US, so no two are exactly alike. You will receive a completely unique piece that will vary from the item pictured here.

These are Unisex sizing, we recommend women size down. 

Size Guide: Unisex sizing

Fits Sizes XS S M L
Waist Relaxed
14 1/4"
18 1/2
27 3/4"
28 1/4"
28 3/4"

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