Olympic Runner Girl Emoji


We've update our very popular #RUNNERGIRLEMOJI products to bring you the Limited Edition Olympics version! 
As you know, there is a lack of a Runner Girl in our Unicode Emoji's. Last year, you might have read about how Molly Huddle and Róisín McGettigan-Dumas teamed up to create the runner girl emoji after noticing this lack of representation (read more about it here). 
Not only do we know that girls do in fact run, they also go to the Olympics! Celebrate both those facts with our Olympic Runner Girl emoji now updated with proper running form and carrying the Olympic torch! And we are especially excited to cheer on Molly Huddle this year in Rio and you can bet we'll be wearing our Olympic Runner Girl Emoji shirts to do so :) 
And to make it even better, 25% of each sale and every sale will go to NE Distance organization, a non-profit group Molly Huddle is involved with, providing an after-school program that mentors and coaches children and supports post collegiate athletes! As part of the running community, we all know how much running can change a life and build both character and confidence in today’s youth. It supports both girls and boys, because that’s what we’re all about!
So head HERE now and be the first to have the brand new #RUNNERGIRLEMOJI gear! And stay tuned for more to come :) 

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