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Half Marathon PR Patch

Half Marathon PR Patch - Sarah Marie Design Studio
Half Marathon PR Patch - Sarah Marie Design Studio
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Celebrate each and every Half Marathon Personal Record with a blue bar patch. Running a PR in a race is a HUGE deal and should be celebrated. Here to help you do that is the Half Marathon PR patch, collect one each time you knock time off your half PR and show the running world that you're a running badass!

We don't put times on our PR patches, because comparing yourself to a clock isn't what makes you amazing. The dedication to better your own personal PR, your hard work that earns it and the pride you get from doing so is what we are celebrating. Whether your PR is a 1:24 or your PR is 2:45... it doesn't matter. What matters is the fact that you're a f*cking rockstar!!! 

Patch width is 3.75" by 1.375". Made to be sewn on. Comes with a travel sewing kit to apply (so you don't have to dig through your junk drawer for that sewing kit you stole from that hotel years ago)

Blue Chenille backed with 2 layers of felt, one white, one black. Looks great on our Varsity Jacket! 

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